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Apr 18th, 2013

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The mouse pointer has surely been a nuisance to you on more than one occasion as you go about some activity on your computer and, although it's not that difficult to just move it to the screen's margins; wouldn’t it just be better if it simply disappeared on its own?

That is what Cursor Hider has been developed for. This app takes care of making the mouse cursor disappear on your screen when it isn’t being used so that you don’t have to move it away manually.

Cursor Hider runs on the taskbar and barely takes up any resources. We can deactivate it at any time and configure in some parameters (such as the waiting time for the cursor to disappear), or integrate the mouse to Internet Explorer so that we can, for example, open a new window by double-clicking with the mouse.
Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo Translated by Stanislav Sousek

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Apr 18th, 2013
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